You enter a dark room. You are greeted and given two candles, a big one and a small.  You light the bigger one. You are asked to take a seat in the circle.

Speaking Into Silence is a mediation/conversation-ritual in which participants can talk about personal or non-personal topics in a closed forum until now further talking is required. The session creates a concentrated and relaxed atmosphere that allows everybody to articulate their own feelings and thoughts without pressure. Furthermore, it aims to connect people and establish a form of community. Sessions can be repeated with the same or with fluctuant participants.

This cultural protocol is open licensed and can be used and hosted by anybody. If you want to do so, please get in touch with me.

I have written a short article on how and why Speaking Into Silence came to be. Find the article below in the details.


co-created with: Nina Lund Westerdahl


20.11.2016 @ Hidden Institute, Berlin

20.01.2017 @ A Love Piece Festival, Huset I Magstræde, Copenhagen

26.02.2017 @ Hidden Institute, Berlin

22.04.2017 @ Insel des guten Lebens, Bochum

09.06.2017 @ Authentic Relating Festival, Makvärket, Copenhagen

29.09.2017 Cultural Protocols: Speaking Into Silence @ transform, Bern

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