of wastelands — Thibault Schiemann

Home Planet

LARP | concept & production

Several generations ago, pioneers left Earth to start a better society of radical equality. Despite their success in building a new home on a scarce planet, an environmental catastrophe is looming, and now they look for alternative places to live. Descendants return with a mission: Is Earth a planet to call home again?

Home Planet combines participatory theatre, live action role play and architecture to address urgent questions on human life on earth. It invites participants to live as travelers from another culture, society and reality for 72 hours. Audience is invited to meet and engage with the travelers and explore their worldview. As audience it will be possible to visit the place where “The Returners” live. Here the audience can choose to participate in a number of different activities with the visitors, or to take a more passive position and observe the activities from a distance.

The project was part of the core programme at Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019.


17.-20. October 2019 | Oslo Architecture Triennale | Oslo (NO) | Nina Lund Westerdahl, Martin Nielsen, Thibault Schiemann, Karete Jacobsen Meland