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Cultural Protocols | Drift

Drifting is a playful walk without destination, wherein participants take turns leading each other through the urban landscape. Players listen to a synchronized soundtrack. With a few rules, that restricts and opens up the movement, we drift for the joy and pleasure of getting lost, following the impulses of our fellow players, taking part in a shared atmosphere through music, and experiencing the city in a novel way.

Over the last two years drifts have become more and more popular — with around 30 official drifts in different cities (Berlin, Bern, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Helsinki). The community is built around the Drift Club.

The drifts were NOT developed by me but by Nika Persson and Thom Kiraly. However, since the foundation of the Drift Club I’ve both been an active member of the Drift Club, and developed as well as re-created the concept. The runs below were organized by me alone or with a collaborator.


created by: Nika Persson and Thom Kiraly


17.06.2016 Night Drift: Dimensions @ Berlin

01.09.2016 Hammerbrook: Day & Night @ Hallo Festspiele, Hamburg

12.09.2016 Very First Bern Drift @ Bern

06.10.2016 Akira Drift @ Bern

23.10.2016 Get Blank @ Berlin

04.11.2016 Night Drift: Stories @ State Festival, Berlin

04.02.2017 Falling Like Flakes @ Bern

29.04.2017 A Whole Bunch of Frogs @ Berlin

03.05.2017 Lift Your Skinny Fists @ Copenhagen

27.09.2017 Cultural Protocols: Drift @transform, Bern

03.10.2017 Lift Your Skinny Fists Drift @ Zürich

30.03.2018 All Stones Are Beautiful @ Athens

23.04.2018 I’m New Here @ Berlin

23.05.2018 Auawirleben: Drift @ Bern