Thibault Schiemann, born 1990 in Hamburg, likes to describe himself as a cultural or social engineer (in training) — he aims to shift existing cultural forms as well as helping new formats into existence. One of his main searches is driven by the question of how we as a society can live together while all traditional narratives (ideology, religion, nationality, work) that used to form and organize our lives are breaking apart. He believes that we shouldn’t fear this development but embrace the opportunity of proactively deciding on what our lives should unfold like.

He is a founding and active member both of the Social Space Agency, an organization thaim aims to explore systematically social conventions and practices, and the Anti-Bank Trade Sachs, that works towards a moneyless society. Since 2016 he is a promoting member of the Drift Club, hosting drifts (playful urban exploration games) in different cities.

Recently he started creating new cultural formats with Nina Lund Westerdahl which they call ‚Cultural Protocols‘. Furthermore, he is interested in how cooperations and collaborations in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) and Massive Online Battle Arenas (MOBA) can be used as a model of non-hierarchical work. He is, however, not completly sure if that is not a very artistic reasoning to justify playing video-games.

He lives in Berlin.


To see an extended CV, click here: CV_Schiemann(englisch)