All things considered…

… I must feel honoured to welcome you on this remarkably tiny island, this little settlement I have started to erect: to document and share my journey through the Wastelands. You might not be familiar with the Wastelands at this point, and some travellers are heard to say that noone can ever be. I don’t dare to say yet if that is true.

Who am I? It is a difficult question and I don’t recommend that you look for an answer here. I can be found out there in the realWorld, looking for entries into the Wastelands, usually with my friends who I love a lot. You can follow my traces, I might in fact be following yours, and eventually we will meet at the center of the spiral we leave behind.

What I am then? I often go by the name Thibault Schiemann. It was the first given to me, and over the last twentynine years companions have decorated me with new flavourous and situational names. In most cases they tell a better story of me since there is a story behind and not in front of them.

I am a traveller of the Wastelands. My Why is the question of cultural practices, of social cohesion, of the individual in the collective, the collective in the individual. I travel the Wastelands to look for the foundation of a culture yet to come | yet to be build. The balance is sometimes challenging to maintain, and I tend to tip more into the possibilites than realities. Precisely for that reason have I come to decide that I will document my journeys through the Wastelands. For there can be no persisting structure in the Wastelands. For I cannot build the foundations on my own.

There are many ways to explore the Wastelands. Another countless ways to bridge your findings back to the realWorld. All of them are well documented in the Archives of Experiences. Most of them are still waiting to be found. So they say.