of wastelands — Thibault Schiemann

_:a meeting:_

_:a meeting:_ is a card-toolbox for two (or more) people to playfully explore and reflect the relationship between themselves, and their connection to the environment around them. The cards enable the participants to spontaneously design an adventurous meeting that can last between 30 minutes up to several hours. This card set can be used and played by anybody who likes to walk on the edge of what is regarded as proper behaviour.

_:a meeting:_ is free to play. Simply print and cut out the cards that you can download here. In order to access the manual please follow this link.

A neatly produced pack of _:a meeting:_ is in production, and will be available for order soon.


17. May 2020 | Trust in Play — European School of Urban Game Design | Thibault Schiemann

_:a meeting:_ is supported by Trust in Play, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The partners for this project are the Goethe Institut, Edgeryders, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Technopolis/City of Athens.