of wastelands — Thibault Schiemann

Speaking Into Silence | Cultural Protocols

social experiment | concept

You enter a dark room. You are greeted and given two candles, a big one and a small.  You light the bigger one. You are asked to take a seat in the circle.

Speaking Into Silence is a mediation/conversation-ritual in which participants can talk about personal or non-personal topics in a closed forum until now further talking is required. The session creates a concentrated and relaxed atmosphere that allows everybody to articulate their own feelings and thoughts without pressure. Furthermore, it aims to connect people and establish a form of community. Sessions can be repeated with the same or with fluctuant participants.

Speaking Into Silence is part of the Cultural Protocols series.


first iteration 20. November 2016 | Hidden Institut | Berlin (D) | Thibault Schiemann, Nina Lund Westerdahl